Time For A Change

leaves on a table, symbolizing a time for change

Time For A Change

I hope everyone is keeping safe and coping with all the changes we've had to deal with during the pandemic. If everyone cooperates and follows the advice of our excellent chief NC medical official Dr. Mandy Cohen we'll be fine until our much-needed vaccine arrives.

It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing that I will not be returning this fall for regular office hours. I have been working extremely hard over the last year and have reached the point where I'm feeling some fatigue with the daily work schedule. As many of you know, I am no spring chicken and will be 71 this fall.

I will miss all of my wonderful patients who have so enriched my life. I am honored and humbled that so many of you have entrusted your health care to me. With all the news you would think that we were surrounded by rogues and that everyone is selfish and double-dealing. I don't have to look far to find heroes in my life. So many of my patients were dealt with extremely challenging circumstances and yet with great resolve, patience, and self-sacrifice keep their families and friends afloat. When I look at my patient population I see a diverse group of souls working hard for their families and communities.

I know the practice and your health care is in great hands. Dr. David McMullen will be starting in August and we are currently recruiting another MD to start next summer. Our PA's Julie Drew and Kelcey Meier are simply the best. They are skilled, kind, and compassionate. As all of you know our medical staff is fantastic. I would never have been able to practice as long without our wonderful administrator, front office personnel, billers, and medical assistants.

Drs. Scott Wagner and Adam Drechsler are great doctors and they will provide direction for the practice. We will open another office in Apex in the fall to serve our growing southwest Raleigh population. I will do some fill-in practice when needed and will help out administratively as long as I am needed. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank each one of you for your kindness and entrusting your care to me.

Rich Forsyth