Hunkering Down

sun shining over a bridge with trees in the background

Hunkering Down

Great to see the response by our N.C. leaders. I think if we all take heed we have a better chance of coming through this unprecedented time successfully.For some people they are finally getting to show how efficient they can be working from home.Most of us are getting a crash course in video conferencing.

One of the great assets of Wake County is our space.While maintaining social distancing what a great time to check out the greenways and great parks. Great time to think about turning some soil and starting a garden.Fresh air, family time and more nutritious home prepared food is going to be good for all of us.I think we are heading into our next baby boom.

I don’t have to look to the media or sports for my heroes.I am always amazed at the self sacrifice kindness and generosity of so many of my patients.We will need a very strong sense of community as we emerge from this event.
Keep safe.Hopefully the warmer weather will help.If not we’ll keep hunkering down.

RJ Forsyth MD