Covid and Vitamin D

sun shining in the woods

Covid and Vitamin D

There is considerable circumstantial evidence that vitamin D deficiency could be playing a part in the severity of Covid disease.The most severe outbreaks so far have been in areas experiencing or just emerging from winter weather.There is considerable speculation that cytokine storm might be related to vitamin D deficiency.On average African Americans have low vitamin D levels.Dark skin acts as a barrier to producing too much vitamin D (which works well in hunter gatherers and farmers but has become a problem in our modern economy.)

I have published an article which showed a large percentage of Boston homeless people infected with asymptomatic Covid.One would expect this vulnerable undernourished population to be sitting ducks for this scourge but some factor must be furnishing them with protection.

No one knows for certain whether vitamin D is the critical factor in severe disease but getting outside in a bathing suit or shorts without sunblock for 45 minutes a couple of days a week isn’t going to hurt anyone.For people over 50 taking vitamin D3 2000 iu is not a bad insurance policy. I think Dr Cohen and the NC Covid task force kept the greenways open for a reason.Let’s use them!

Link to Covid article:

Testing Reveals 'Stunning' Asymptomatic Coronavirus Spread Among Boston's Homeless