Coronavirus Update

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Coronavirus Update

At Capital Family Medicine we would like to keep all our patients up to date with the most complete information on the Corona virus situation. We will be providing articles on our Facebook page as well as updating this blog post with relevant articles (see links below). These articles will highlight viewpoints from international experts. I have included the Corona patient information from a prominent medical practice in Hong Kong, a city which dealt first hand with the SARS epidemic.

First of all, we must keep our patients, staff, and community safe. We will have a separate entrance at Capital Family for all respiratory illness patients. Please call us before arriving to Urgent Care if you have respiratory symptoms. Everyone with respiratory symptoms will be tested for Corona and flu virus. If patients are experiencing respiratory symptoms and are booked for a physical exam, or a scheduled medical visit, it will be necessary to postpone these visits.

It is important to keep all patients and staff safe and make sure that we can keep our facility functioning to serve the community.

Fantastic news out of Wuhan with a marked decrease in cases and a predicted zero new cases by the end of march.

Thank you for your cooperation. I will continue to post articles.

Richard J. Forsyth MD

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